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Earn $1,000 For A Project That Makes Going Back To School More Awesome For Your Kids


Fatherly is proud to launch the Back To School Fatherly Fund, a $1,000 grant devoted to an education-related project, in collaboration with Common Sense Media and Yahoo Parenting. Whether it’s a kindergarten teacher taking students on their first field trip or a family that needs help buying all their kids school supplies for the year, Fatherly and our partners are looking for a worthwhile project to fund and bring to life.

Do you have something we should consider?

Submit a brief description of the project here and include any supporting links/materials; if you know someone with a great idea of their own, share this with them. Fatherly will select up to 5 finalists for a crowdsourced vote on Facebook by August 24th.

Questions? Drop us a line at