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Monster nerds love to remind the lay people that the creature in the Mary Shelley novel Frankenstein is not named “Frankenstein,” that’s just the name of the mad scientist who created the monster. And yet, calling this famous version of Frankenstein’s Monster just “Frankenstein” is understandable because of all the old black-and-white mashup movies in which the monster was just called “Frankenstein” and was forced to deal with another monster. You’ve probably heard of Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein, but kids don’t really care about Abbott an Costello. Which is why of all the monster-on-monster classic movies, Franenstein Meets the Wolf-Man is better. All the reviews will tell you this movie is horrible and makes no sense. They are wrong.

Doubly exciting (and weird) is that Bela Lugosi (famous for Dracula) plays the monster in this one, NOT Boris Karloff. This is a fun game for a certain kind of kid: can you spot the monster actor, suddenly in a different monster role?

You can rent it on Amazon right here.