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CRIB NOTES: ‘The Awakened Family: A Revolution in Parenting’

Dr. Shefali Tsabray third book, The Awakened Family: A Revolution in Parenting, incorporates both psychological practices and Eastern philosophy. The book is a rallying cry for “conscious parenting” that pushes for full family transformation through open conversations and a willingness on the part of parents to flip the script and learn from their children. Fatherly asked Dr. Shefali for details on her latest work.

This Book is Helpful For … Everyone who has once been a child or has one.

What questions does your book answers authoritatively?
This book authoritatively gives tools to parents to build the greatest degree of connection within themselves and their children. It demonstrates that life is about unfolding into a higher state of consciousness and that our children can help usher us to this state. It shows us how the parent-child relationship can be a transformational one allowing the parent to learn about their own childhoods and how they might be living in a constant state of fear that now gets projected onto their children. It gives us tools to transform this fear into a portal of higher consciousness and connection.

Dad and toddler at the beach

Single Most Important Piece of Information in the Book: The most surprising piece of information is that our children are here to grow up the parents instead of the opposite. We are here to evolve from our children. They are here to teach us how we need to grow up.

Five Most Important Points in the Book:

1) Parenting is not about raising our children; it is about raising ourselves
2) Our children are our greatest awakeners. By living in the present moment, attuned to their most authentic selves, they teach us how to be in the here and now in our most true state of being.
3) Connection and not correction is the path to a more resilient and conscious parent-child relationship.
4) Traditional disciplinary methods are obsolete and anti-connection mired in place to maintain the delusion of parental superiority.
5) The goal in life is to move into our most authentic selves and away from the false sense of self that was created from the unconscious parenting we received from childhood.

There are an enormous number of parenting books. What are you proud to be adding to that conversation?
Perhaps mine are the first to turn the spotlight on the parent-child relationship in such a concerted and deliberate manner. It is not the typical fix-it, tools-and-strategy book fixated on techniques to produce the perfect child. Its message goes to a far deeper level where the relationship with the child is seen as a spiritual partnership meant for the evolution of both, parent and child.

Scientific Method: My research comes from my direct experience as a clinical psychologist working with clients for the past decade. It is a book about growth and transformation from the inside out.

What do parents worry too little about?
Worrying is a fallacy in and of itself. My book is anti-worrying. It teaches parents to undergo a spiritual transformation wherein worry is seen as obsolete and a reflection of delusional belief systems mired in a consciousness founded on fear.
What do parents worry too much about?
See above.

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