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DJ Khaled Threw His Son an Epic First Birthday Bash

It was one of many elements to Asahd's extravagant first birthday.

DJ Khaled’s son Asahd might have only just turned one year old, but the pint-sized executive producer is already getting into the groove of his family’s signature extravagance, fast. Asahd celebrated his first birthday this weekend and his dad arranged a lavish, jungle-themed celebration for him that makes those Super Sweet 16s seem like Chuck E Cheese pizza parties in comparison.

The party happened this past Saturday at LIV at Fontainebleau Miami Beach, which is Miami’s most exclusive nightclub. Diddy helped Khaled arrange the party. It apparently featured wild greenery and actual tigers. Khaled gave Asahd a $100K Rolex that was encrusted with more than 600 diamonds. The guest of honor presumably put it in the trunk of his new custom Rolls Royce.

The DJ, emcee, and producer posted a photo of the lavish event to Asahd’s Instagram account. In it, Asahd, wearing a gold crown and the same shirt as his father, is held up Lion King-style, above the crowd. It looked like a hell of a time.

If this is what Asahd gets for his first birthday, just imagine what he’s going to get for his eighteenth.