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DJ Khaled and Chance the Rapper Create a Ridiculous and Fun Summer Anthem Dedicated to Family

The battle for song of the summer has officially begun. And last night DJ Khaled and Chance the Rapper tossed their hats in the ring when they dropped ‘I Love You So Much,’ a bright, bouncy, big-cheer track that’s all about celebrating their new families. Both Khaled and Chance are fathers — Chance’s daughter Kensli was born in 2015 and Khaled’s son Asahd was born last October — and the artists use the track as an opportunity openly declare their undying love for their children.

‘I Love You So Much’ channels the relentless positivity of Chance and Khaled with a light, infectious beat. The lyrics are simple, but sweet, with Chance declaring “me and my daughter taking over” , while Khaled sticks to his usual motivational speech delivery to speak directly to his son. He tells Asahd that he is “his biggest blessing” and that he will love and support him forever.

Are the lyrics cheesy? Like a steak sandwich with whiz from Gino’s. Khaled tells his son “You’re my son” at least five times on the track, and that’s nothing compared to the number of times Chance sings “I Love You So Much.” There’s also a section in the middle where Chance just straight up recites the alphabet. It’s a bit unclear why, but Chance is so good that it somehow ends up working.

And the infectiousness of both artist’s joy makes the track work as a whole, too. ‘I Love You So Much’ is a song that manages to simultaneously be heartwarming, repetitive, ridiculous, and, most importantly, extremely fun. Is it the song of the summer? Oh no. But maybe the song of summer daycare — and that’s what these guys are driving at.