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Afternoon Lab: The DIY Snack Parachute

This story was produced in partnership with Lance® sandwich crackers, two awesomes with an incredible in between that has been made that way for 100 years.

The time between picking your kid up from school and right before dinner is precious. The handful of hours you have before you both hit the hay is a chunk of time where some of the best bonding moments happen. Our suggestion: Turn this after-school time into an Afternoon Lab, filled with memorable activities you both can enjoy. We’re talking about building something together, something both of you will treasure, learn from, and make memories out of.

Something like a snack parachute. This simple activity takes a bit of teamwork to turn a plastic bag and cup into a delicious floating snack. It’s going to take some teamwork, as well as string, tape, decorative stickers, and, of course, a delicious snack like a packet of Lance® Van-O Lunch Nekot® Sandwich Cookies to float down to a hungry bystander. Once you get started, you’ll wonder what you can tackle next in Afternoon Labs.

Step 1: Prep the chute.

Fold a plastic bag into a cone, cut with scissors to transform it into a uniform circle. While it’s still rolled up, punch a hole in the side of the bag.

Step 2: Prep the string.

Use the wide of the parachute as a guide for string length and then cut eight pieces of string at that length.

Sponsored by Lance
This Is How We Sandwich™

Looking for a delicious snack that is wholesome and fun? Lance’s sandwich crackers are two awesomes with an incredible in between, and they’ve made them that way for 100 years.


Step 3: Attach the string

Feed the string through the holes in the parachute and tape them together so they create a loop.

Step 4: Prep the cup.

Punch four holes in the cup, attached the pairs of strings and tape them down.

Step 5: Decorate the cup

Use markers, stickers, crayons, googly eyes — whatever you desire to make this high-flying snack carrier your own.

Step 6: Drop in your sandwich cookies.

Drop in a packet of Lance® Van-O Lunch Nekot® Sandwich Cookies and, with parent supervision, climb a tree, ladder, or drop the snack out of a window down to a hungry bystander.