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The Hot Glue Gun DIY Project For All Your Other DIY Projects

There’s something about a hot glue gun that may or may not remind you of your mother crafting in the 1990s. Have no fear, Mr. Gear is here with an arguably more masculine alternative: A DIY glue gun made from a lighter and a soda can (or pop if you’re in the midwest). Not only can you use this on many of your DIY pursuits, you’ll need to drink a can of LaCroix first. So it’s actually a project, within a project, within a project.

Once you wrap your brain around how meta that might be, it’s actually a very easy project. Aside from cutting and rolling the aluminum without cutting yourself, the hardest part about executing this will be finding that one lighter you never use unless there’s a power outage or birthday candles. But hey, it will give you something to do with a lighter that’s healthier than smoking and more constructive than fireworks.

Once you’ve mastered it, you can use your new glue torch on other easy projects like shoebox guitars and spaceships. The fact that it looks so much more badass than a regular glue gun will only help hold your kids crafting interest, and you can return your spouse’s to the crawl space it oozed out of. Or, send it to garage sale heaven.

[H/T] Gizmodo