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Disney California Adventure Opening — Will Feature Zero Rides

Good news? Depends on how you look it.


The folks at Disney’s California Adventure Park are trying to turn lemons into lemonade. Details are scant and it remains to be seen if the loosening of Covid-19 restrictions will continue, but Disney’s California Adventure Park plans to open its gates in March for a “limited-time ticketed experience.” That major news, which surely got Mickey and Minnie squealing in delight along with Disney aficionados and their entertainment-starved families, could be found within a letter forwarded on Monday by Disneyland’s president, Ken Potrock, to the company’s cast members.

“Currently planned to begin mid-March,” Potrock’s letter revealed, “we will debut an all-new, limited-time ticketed experience, focused on our world-famous food and beverage offerings from around the resort, the latest merchandise, and unique, carefully crafted entertainment experiences.”

It’s worth noting that rides and other Disney’s California Adventure Park attractions (rides) will not be operational. They’ve been dormant since March of 2020 and will remain so for the foreseeable future. Still, the planned event, coupled with the fact that Buena Vista Street recently reopened, thereby expanding the Downtown Disney District outdoor dining, shopping, and entertainment options, means that nearly 1,000 cast members can return to work. If it all proves safe, that’s a win-win for the park’s fans and employees, and hopefully, a step toward normalcy.

Somewhere, Grumpy may have turned into Happy.