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Disney+ Just Released a Must-Watch ‘Mandalorian’ Recap Video

The Baby Yoda show starts anew very soon. Let's look back at the story so far.

Okay, so if you somehow didn’t watch The Mandalorian Season 1, and you’re slightly confused about what the fuss is all about, a new quick video from Disney+ might win you over. But, be warned! This video is full of spoilers for the season that aired last year, back in the seemingly more innocent times of 2019.

For the rest of us, who all caught Baby Yoda fever, this quick recap video will refresh you on a few important story details that will 100 percent matter going into Mandalorian Season 2. Here’s the big stuff covered in the video.

  1. Everybody is out to get Mando and Baby Yoda, even after they defeated some bad dudes last season
  2. Moff Gideon is alive. He’s swinging the Darksaber, and is obsessed with “the Child.” Why? We don’t know.
  3. Mando has been tasked with finding Baby Yoda’s family or others of its kind. Does this mean little Yodas? Or other Jedi? That again, is up for debate!

In some ways, Mandalorian Season 2 might be even bigger and better than Season 1. It’s hard to remember his but back in October 2019, we didn’t even know Baby Yoda was in the show, or what Baby Yoda was. This time out, The Mandalorian has fewer secrets, which could make the show even more fun to watch.

For parents everywhere, the story of a slick Star Wars bounty hunter acting as the father to an adorable little creature might be the escapist fantasy we all need right now. Mando wields his power to protect a child in a rough galaxy. We can all relate to that. But, that galaxy far, far away holds some magic and glitter that we could use here on our home planet, too.

The Mandalorian Season 2 will hit Disney+ on October 30.