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David Beckham Doesn’t Care That People Have Problem With Him Kissing His Kids

David Beckham is not afraid to show his kids affection in very public ways. And on Father’s Day, the soccer star, posted an Instagram photo in which he was shown giving his daughter Harper a peck on the lips and many ‘grammers voiced their disgust.  In a recent Facebook Live with Woody Milintachinda, a talk show host based out of Thailand, Beckham defended his style of PDA parenting.

About 16 minutes into the video, after talking about his post-soccer career, Milintachinda and Beckham discuss his family, and the differences in raising sons versus daughters. Milintachinda becomes visibly uncomfortable bringing up that Beckham kisses his daughter, Harper. In fact, he’s barely able to say on the lips. He then clarifies that Beckham kisses her in public, as if to say “you know that creeps us out, right?” But the soccer star was unfazed.

“I got actually criticized for kissing my daughter on the lips the other day. I kiss all my kids on the lips,” Beckham told the host. “Brooklyn maybe not, Brooklyn is 18 so he might find that a little bit strange.” Along with making his kids feel protected and secure, Beckham said showing them affection so publicly is just one of the many ways he and his wife make their children feel loved. That’s how they were both brought up and that’s how they chose to raise their brood. Fair.

david beckham kisses son on lips

On the topic of raising sons versus daughters, the equal opportunity smoocher says the biggest difference is that he’s more protective of his daughter, but so are her older brothers. He jokes that if and when she starts dating, her gentleman callers are going to have a lot of protective guys to go through. You can see the whole video here: