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This Tiny 2-Person Synth Lets You And Your Kid Create House Music In The Play Room

Admittedly, not everyone aspires to steer their kid towards a career where the “office” is a nightclub and “work” doesn’t start until 2 AM. But, since children never sleep anyway, you may as well just ship them off to Ibiza to make that crazy DJ money. This 2-person synthesizer from the Netherlands is just the training tool to get them there.

The Dato DUO is cleverly designed to keep 2 kids entertained at once by making literal house music. It works like this: Picture Skillrex facing off against Steve Aoki in a high-stakes game of musical Battleship. One side of the board is a “flashy” sequencer with keyboard-like buttons for playing/looping a melody. The other side is a “gritty-sounding” synthesizer with 2 large sliders and dual touch pads – one to add percussion, the other to achieve an “aggressive bit crusher” effect (which sounds like you’re listening to a cassette tape through a dial-up modem).

The real magic happens when both sides are played together, producing beats that your 10-year-old self and his Casio PT-1 couldn’t have dreamed possible. If your kid’s early efforts sound nothing like “Titanium,” tell them to keep practicing. The device thankfully boasts 2 parent-friendly features: Autotune and a headphone jack. That way they can still stay up late and fire away, fire away!
Dato DUO ($334)