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‘The Daily Show’ Makes Sean Spicer World’s Worst Kindergarten Teacher

On Thursday’s episode of The Daily Show, Trevor Noah was discussing Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s terrible treatment of the media when he made a genius observation: Spicer behaves less like the Press Secretary and a lot more like the world’s worst kindergarten teacher. He’s constantly overwhelmed, he refuses to answer even the simplest of questions, and he’s always one moment away from losing control of the room. Spicer, Noah points out, also makes a habit of belittling people for asking simple, straightforward questions. Naturally, the Daily Show squad cobbled together a clip of Spicer’s responses mixed with questions from five-year-olds.

Confronted with a barrage of kindergartener questions, including multiple requests to use the bathroom, Spicer’s responses grow increasingly indignant. It’s a pitch-perfect skewering of a guy who doesn’t seem capable of handling even the most basic questions without spewing like Vesuvius. And it gives us even an greater respect for Kindergarten teachers.