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Olympic Dad Sends 1,250 Shirts to His Son’s Fans

Brett West has created and shipped out more than 1,000 "Team Tucker" shirts on his own dime.

Team Tucker Facebook Page

The upcoming Winter Olympics will be filled with dads proudly cheering on their kids as they compete on the global stage but Brett West has taken his support of his son, U.S. Olympic luger Tucker West, to the next level. To drum up a fanbase for his Pyeongchang-bound son, Brett has created and mailed 1,250 “Team Tucker” shirts to his son’s fans. The craziest part? All of these shirts were made and shipped completely on Brett’s dime. He is simply that dedicated to getting people to root for his son in his quest for Olympic gold.

To receive a shirt, Brett simply asked “Team Tucker” fans to send him a message explaining how they came to support his son. From there, Brett took care of the rest. The shirts, designed by Tucker’s youngest sister Gracie, cost $17 to make but Brett notes the high cost is a no-brainer to get “Team Tucker” fans excited to support his son.

“I went with high-quality cotton,” Brett said. “Couldn’t have something say ‘Team Tucker’ on low quality!”

Brett is, by all accounts, a superfan of his son, as he runs the “Team Tucker” Facebook page, which has almost 5,000 members. He also owns license plates that read “LUGE” and “LUGE DAD” and he even identifies himself as “Tucker’s dad” in his Twitter bio. Brett first came up with the shirt idea when his then 18-year-old son competed in the 2014 Sochi Games. Brett says he sent around 750 shirts to fans in 2014 and is excited to see that “Team Tucker” has grown in four years.

Even before Tucker’s Olympic dream was a reality, Brett was willing to go all-out for his son. Tucker first became interested in luging when he was six while watching the daring sled sport during the 2002 Olympics. To encourage his son’s interest, Brett built a massive wooden luge track in their backyard that included an automatic icing system, lights, and speakers. Because when you’re on “Team Tucker” there are no off days.