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DIY Dad Builds His Daughter a Ball Pit for Less Than $300

To kids, ball pits are magical places. The colorful arenas are pretty much considered holy ground due to how much fun they elicit. But they’re also pretty damn gross. To parents, they’re more or less as big gross pits full of toddler germs and unknown disgusting bits. Understanding this truth, one dad created built his daughter her own epic at-home ball pit. And thankfully, this hero took to Imgur to explain why any parent can do the same for their kid on the cheap.

The key to any great ball pit is, of course, the balls. This DIY dad was able to purchase almost 2,500 tiny plastic balls on Ebay for about $220, which he says accounted for more than 75 percent of his total ball pit budget. Then he needed the other half of the equation: the pit. So he went to Home Depot and bought about $40 worth of PVC pipes and PVC pipe connectors (and was probably very clear not to say “I’m building a pit for my kid!”) He then bought black mesh netting and about 100 zip ties, all of which cost less than $30. Finally, he bought a couple pool noodles to work as safety bumpers, bringing his total a little less than $300.

diy ball pit

DIY dad admits building a pretty dope ball pit all took a decent amount of time, but it seems that his hard work has paid off. He says that the ball pit “works great so far and is holding up no problem.” It’s also safe to say his version is far less germ-ridden than the rest. Most importantly, his daughter loves it and is having a blast.