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Dad Enlists Celebrities to Wish His Bullied Son a Happy Birthday

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Social media so often seems like a swirling cesspool of humanity that we tend to forget how it can help people band together for something like making a bullied kid feel special on his birthday. When Christopher Hope Smith discovered his son Ollie was being harassed about his upcoming ninth birthday, he took to social media to enlist some help. The UK-based dad explained on Twitter that his son was bummed because a bully had told him his birthday would not be fun, and asked if anyone famous or well known would wish Ollie well. Christopher’s tweets for help quickly went viral, getting thousands of responses from folks of all stripes, including Olympians, comedians, dogs wearing tiny hats, and even Australia’s surliest Academy Award winner Russel Crowe.

Sara Cox, one of the biggest radio DJs in England, sent Ollie a birthday video.

An Olympian offered to meet Ollie on his birthday and even promised some swag for the birthday boy.

Alex Winters, one of the formers presenters of the popular British kid’s show CBeebies, gave Ollie a birthday shoutout.

A BBC meteorologist used some weather-related metaphors to wish Ollie a happy birthday.

Comedian Jason Manford encouraged other celebrities to reach out.

So did this dog wearing a tiny hat.

Three Lions United Club soccer players offered to let Ollie and his dad watch a game this season.

And last, but certainly not least, even Russell Crowe took some time out from Tweeting about Russell Crow joined in on the fun.

While it’s a bit of an odd list of responders — and there’s a pretty good chance that an 8-year-old like Ollie has never even heard of most of these people — it’s safe to say that the outpouring of love has given him a pretty solid birthday. So, nice job Twitter. See what you can do when you stop arguing for a second?

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