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Cristiano Ronaldo Kicks Surrogate Fatherhood Into The Mainstream

flickr / Ludovic Péron

Cristiano Ronaldo has a lot going for him. Not only is he one of the greatest soccer players to ever step on a pitch, but he’s also in possession of a body so sculpted the sight of it makes mere mortals “swear off”  junk food forever. And now, with rumors swirling that he’s set to become the father of twins via surrogacy, he’s becoming a sort of figurehead for non-traditional fatherhood.

By all accounts, Ronaldo appears to be a good dad. He and his 5-year-old son, Cristiano Jr., seem to have a wonderful relationship and the 31-year-old superstar insists that his son is “the best thing you can have in your life.” And Ronaldo is content to raise his son entirely on his own. In fact, that’s what he prefers.

Ronaldo has never disclosed the identity of Junior’s mother. He has, however, insisted that he’ll inform his son when the time is right. For those who care, the most prevalent theory is that the mom is a waitress with whom Ronaldo slept, and her lack of involvement as a parent is mostly due to Ronaldo’s insistence. Allegedly, he paid her around 10 million pounds so she’d stay quiet and he could gain full custody of his son. There are also the rumors that Ronaldo is gay, and he used a surrogate to become a dad. But that’s not really anyone’s damn business.

cr7 cristiano ronaldo

Wikimedia Commons

It’s not clear how much of this is true and what is pure speculation. So it goes when you’re one of the world’s most famous figures. What’s certain, however, is that Ronaldo represents a huge step for the normalization of single fatherhood. And now, the recent news that he’s expecting twins in the coming months enables him to play a pivotal role in normalizing and embracing the concept of surrogacy as well. Sure, the process often requires Ronaldo-level money. But the very fact that Ronaldo, a star with worldwide recognition, makes the process of having a child seem more ordinary.

Regardless of how he became a parent, Ronaldo seems perfectly content to continue taking on the responsibility of raising kids on his own. After all, for him, becoming a father was not simply the next logical step after settling into a relationship. It’s a role he’s embraced proudly and made an essential part of his identity.