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Corey Knebel’s Sex Reveal Party Features an Exploding Baseball

Ever since the first viral sex reveal party video hit YouTube in 2008, couples have been trying to one-up each other in how they disclose the sex of their baby. The days of opening an envelope are long gone — now all about lighting up social media with boxes of balloons, specialized burnout tires, and smoke bombs.

Most of the time, gender reveal parties  stick the same gimmicks. But when you’re, say, a professional athlete and the spotlight is on you, it’s important to go big or go home. After seeing the sex reveal party the Brewers threw for pitcher Corey Knebel‘s recently announced baby, it’s clear his teammates chose the former. During Family Day at Miller Park, with their families in attendance, Knebel’s wife, Danielle, tossed her husband a pitch that, when whacked with the bat, exploded into pink chalk. The couple embraced after realizing the good news: they’re having a girl.

Want to replicate the Knebels’ approach? Such sites as Etsy sell a range of gender reveal products, including baseballs, golf balls, and footballs. They all come in customizable options for the color of glitter or chalk. Generally speaking, these products are fairly cheap, with the lowest on sale for about $3 each. So, even if you’re not expecting, they provide an affordable way to mess with your buddies on the driving range or batting cage. Wow you’re really strong Curt!