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12 Of The Coolest Halloween Costumes For Kids Who Don’t Want To Be A Pirate

Halloween costumes are like names: everybody want theirs to be unique. There’s nothing scarier than a party with too many Graysons ghosts, and nobody dressed like Leslie Jones. So to ensure your kids aren’t wearing the same old tired getups when they venture out to collect candy for you, here are 12 of the coolest Halloween costumes around. Best part: There’s not a single Sophie princess in the group.

Famous Oto Ice Cream Truck

Famous Oto Ice Cream

Technically, Famous Oto’s vividly illustrated cardboard Ice Cream Truck is more a of park-it-in-you-living room playhouse for toddlers to walk into and “drive.” But at 40″ x 36″ x 24″, the $69 rig’s actually perfect for bigger kids and/or yourself to wear as a costume on Halloween. Especially, if you spend the entire evening quoting Eddie Murphy’s old “Ice Cream Man” bit from Delirious. The website even features a free license plate generator, so you can print as many vanity plates as you have ink for.
Famous Oto Ice Cream ($69)

Glowy Zoey LED Stick Figure Costume

Back in your day, homemade Halloween costumes were mostly a way to get bullied while making use of extra sheets and corn syrup around the house. Now they’re a creative way for parents to go viral. Glowy Zoey is a DIY outfit that will turn your kid into the STEMiest stick figure on the block. The 2-part suits come in 3 sizes — toddler ($69.99), kid’s ($79.99), and adult ($99) — and include “everything you need”: LED attachment straps, LED light set, battery box, and a controller. Add 8 AA batteries (not included), and you’ll be ready for Halloween or your first baby rave.
Glowy Zoey LED Stick Figure Costume ($70-$99)

Youth Lucha Libre Masks

Youth Lucha Libre Masks

If you’ve learned anything from Jack Black movies, it’s that sometimes men like to wear streeetchy pants. For fun. Also, colorful Lucha Libre Mexican wrestling masks like the Santo and Blue Demon. They’re made of Lyrca, lace up in the back, and have the added bonus of covering your face in public. You know, since you’re wearing tights.
Youth Lucha Libre Masks ($12-$14)

Chocolate Donut Costume

Chocolate Donut

Finally, a donut you won’t feel guilty about giving your kid, this chocolate-glazed-with-sprinkles costume for ages 3+ is worn on the shoulders sandwich board-style and comes in “one sized fits most” — so it should fit fine unless your kid’s been eating too many donuts.
Chocolate Donut ($30)

Chewbacca Costume


Dressing up as the galaxy’s favorite Wookie was popular long before that crazy lady’s laughing fit went viral on YouTube, but it’s never been easy to pull off. You always needed more than a black vest or a karate shirt. This Chewbacca jumpsuit for toddlers, however, makes it a cinch. Or, should we say, a zip … up. It’s furry, officially licensed, and comes with padded feet and an attached leather pouch.
Chewbacca ($70)

Moose Baby Car Seat Cover

Moose Baby Car Seat Cover

Keep your infant both warm and in on all the Halloween fun with this zip-up, polar fleece car seat cover decorated with a moose silhouette. It purportedly fits all “infant, newborn, and baby car seats up to 40lbs” thanks to an elastic waistband, is machine washable, and can make your baby also look like a duck, bear, or flower.
Moose Baby Car Seat Cover ($64)


Poop Emoji Costume

For the kid who doesn’t get embarrassed by wearing fake feces (and thinks Poopyhead is the funniest game ever), this slide-on tunic looks like the same popular happy-face poop emoji you drop into all of your texts/Slack conversations.
Poop Emoji Costume ($25)

Retro Baseball Team

Retro Baseball Team

The 25th anniversary of the classic baseball film A League of Their Own may not be until next year, but that shouldn’t stop your daughter from going full retro-uni Geena Davis this Halloween. The 4-piece vintage-styled, pin-striped costume includes shorts, belt, hat, and dress with notched collar and sequin trim. It’s also sold for boys and adults in case the entire family wants to take the field.
Retro Baseball Team ($62)

Seasame Street Light Up Elmo Costume

Light Up Elmo

No tickling required to make the eyes on this Elmo costume light up — they’re motion activated! The 2-piece jumpsuit and hat are sized for kids 12-18M to 3-4T, but user reviews note they tend to run small. Consider yourself warned. Cell batteries are included, however, which is always nice.
Light Up Elmo ($55)

Endangered Orangutan Costume

Endangered Orangutan

Teach your kids to respect animal rights without denying them things like eating hamburgers or wearing cool leather bomber jackets (kidding!), by sending them trick or treating as an endangered orangutan. Available in sizes 3T thru 7-8, this costume from the World Wildlife Fund comes in two parts (furry jumpsuit plus furry hat) and a portion of the price goes to saving animals around the planet.
Endangered Orangutan ($63)

Baby Hipster Costume

Hipster Baby

The craziest thing about this hipster toddler costume is that it’s not really a costume at all. No, these are real clothes sold every day on Amazon for real hipster kids! Yours, however, can wear them ironically. The “Goo Vibes” tee and yellow pants (with knee patches) are sized for ages 2-7 but, naturally, run small. Much to everybody’s chagrin, the hat, scarf, and sweet kicks are sold separately.
Hipster Baby ($8)


Pet Star Wars Imperial Walker Costume

You can’t look at your dog dressed in this Star Wars Imperial Walker costume straight from the Hoth System and not think to yourself, “Attaboy.” Or should we say: “At-At, a boy.” It’s sold for pooches x-small to large (although you have to admit that pictured greyhound is pretty perfect) and comes in separate pieces for the body, head, and legs. So as long as Fido doesn’t get wrapped in the dog run wire, he should be okay.
Pet Star Wars Imperial Walker Costume ($16)

Morph DigitalDudz Cyborg Mask

Morph DigitalDudz Cyborg Mask

For a low-lift, high-tech costume (for you) that’ll catch everybody’s eye, Morph’s cyborg mask uses your smartphone (and their free app) to freak out the entire party; simply download/start the app and slide the phone into the mask pocket. That’s it. They also peddle zombie and scary clown versions, as well as gory full-body costumes and morphsuits like a bloody pirate with an exposed beating heart. The only downside of any of them appears to be that you can’t check your phone every 2 minutes if the party sucks.
Morph DigitalDudz Cyborg Mask ($45)