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Congress Just Saved Daniel Tiger

Congress spared the funding for the Corporation of Public Broadcasting so that means more 'Daniel Tiger' for your kids until September.

Earlier this year, President Trump purposed a considerable cut to arts funding and coupled with a plan to defund PBS. That proposed budget didn’t pass. Now, Congress has given the green light to a budget that funds the Corporation of Public Broadcasting to the tune of $445 million, a petulant $2 million increase on the previous payout. That means PBS can keep churning out episodes of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood and local affiliates can continue piping it directly into your kid’s face.

The news comes as a relief to those who make PBS children’s series as well as those that consume them.

“PBS has no agenda other than educating kids,” said Angela Santomero, the creator of Daniel Tiger. “At PBS, we’re there to service kids who have never been serviced. Our mission is to talk to lower income children who do not have the resources that middle or upper incomes families have.”

When talking about his hit series, , Craig Barlett, a veteran in kid’s animation and the creator of Ready Jet Go! echoed Santomero’s sentiment, saying that it was important that educational programming existed–especially in an environment where funding for other programs is up for grabs. “At least PBS gives me an opportunity to do a curriculum show about space,” he said. “Thank goodness.”

ready jet go

“They don’t survive because of ratings,” said Billy Aronson, co-creator of Peg + Cat. “PBS survives because they try to reach people who might not have a lot of money, and might not have cable,” “They just keep going and I’m so glad that they do.”

The budget plan, which will fund the government until September 30, is expected to be passed by Congress by the end of the week and signed by President Trump.