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COMIC: Dogs Teach Young Boys Boundaries the Hard Way

It's a slow process. Progress is made one growl at a time.

The comic that follows is, in its basic contours, nonfiction. No, dogs don’t talk and their sentiments are — to a degree at least — unknowable. But Layla has truly never struggled to express displeasure and, over the last few years, the years since a baby unexpectedly entered the boundaries she had staked out with canine thoroughness, there has been more of that. She’s been accommodating, sure, but also has felt, both physically and (one suspects) emotionally, frustration. Teaching a boy what is his and what is very much not is, after all, a difficult thing. It’s a trial and error thing. It’s a one-step-forward-one-step-back thing.

It’s a hard thing.

boundaries comic by victor fuste -- boys, dogs, and boundaries