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Which Cities Have Most Dog Attacks on Mail Carriers?

Wikimedia Commons

The United States Postal Service recently released a report that confirmed what years of cartoons led us to believe: Dogs love to attack mailmen. But it’s no joking matter because 6,755 postal service workers were attacked by dogs in 2016. Included in the report was a list of the 40 cities where the most canine-on-mail-carrier violence occurred and, while it was relatively unsurprising (first place Los Angeles often leads the pack), there was one major anomaly: Cleveland was ranked third on the list with 60 reported attacks despite having only the 48th highest population in the country.

Why are Cleveland dogs disproportionately vicious towards mail carriers? It’s not clear, but as recently as February, USPS announced they would no longer deliver to a Cleveland street due to a mail carrier being previously attacked by a neighborhood dog. These incidents have not been limited to mail carriers, as last year Cleveland police officers were forced to shoot and kill a dog that was viciously attacking a woman. Could this year be an outlier for the city of LeBron James and Drew Carey? Numbers suggest no, as Cleveland was ranked second on last year’s list.

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Now, we love Cleveland. And while the numbers may be a bit of a blemish of this fine, midwestern city, the USPS’s report contains advice for pet owners, including keeping a dog in another room when you greet a mail carrier and to never accepting mail from a carrier in front of your pet. Hopefully, Cleveland dog owners can heed this advice and escape the top 10 for next year’s list. Besides, they have all the barking they need in the Dawg Pound.