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New Netflix Kids Show Is Like ‘Ghostbusters’ Without the Busting

'City of Ghosts' looks weird AF. We like it.

If we’ve got this straight, the upcoming Netflix series City of Ghosts is an animated docu-style family show about a group of intrepid kids joyously seeking out ghosts across Los Angeles. So, Ghostbusters without the busting. Or maybe it’s ghost-hugging. The trailer certainly suggests all that and more, and we love the laid-back nature of everything in the trailer, from the chill kids, the mellow animation, and the buoyant poltergeists.

Netflix will drop six episodes, 20 minutes each, on March 5. According to the streamer, City of Ghosts features animated characters and live-action settings, with the Ghost Club kids learning about the rich history of Los Angeles through their encounters with the amiable neighborhood ghosts, and then teaching other people to inhabit the present by communicating with the ghosts of the past. Each episode is based on and voiced by actual residents from assorted neighborhoods. Series creator-writer-showrunner Elizabeth Ito is an Emmy Award winner best known for her work on Cartoon Network’s series Adventure Time and the short, Welcome to My Life.

City of Ghosts will hit Netflix on March 5, 2021.