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How Does Your City Rank On The Zombie Apocalypse Preparedness Index?

Maybe you’ve watched too many episodes of The Walking Dead or maybe you just enjoy the idea of a zombie apocalypse. And while you don’t want to infect your kid with anxiety, it’s still fun to think about how you might fare in the event that hoards of shambling corpses appear. Well, according to Career Builder, your likelihood of survival all comes down to location, location, location.

The company ranked 53 of largest metropolitan areas in the U.S. on a scale of zombie apocalypse preparedness. Using a surprisingly scientific index for a company not at all in the zombie-avoidance business, scored them on 4 key metrics — how well the area contains the virus, how well they defend against it, how likely they are to find a cure, and of course, if there’s enough food to get you through all the spaghetti Tuesdays until the epidemic is over. If you live in Boston, Massachusetts, brace yourself for the best zombie apocalypse ever because this city came in at number one … again. Kansas City, Salt Lake City, Baltimore, and San Diego warrant honorable mentions for rounding out the top 5. If you live in New York City, well, you’re kind of screwed. The big apple ranked the worst off, which is surprising given all the braaaaaaaaaaaaains.

Perhaps more alarming than New York’s likelihood of eminent demise, was the fact that 36 percent of workers surveyed would eat their colleagues if they turned into a reanimated corpse. So no matter how your city stacks up, in the event of a zombie apocalypse, definitely call in sick that day.

[H/T] Inside Hook