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These Movie Theaters Are Also Jungle Gyms For Your Restless Kid


No matter how much your kid wants to see the latest Pixar flick, chances are they just want to bounce on those cushy movie theater seats. They’ll do anything but watch 100 percent of the movie you’ve spent $20 on (and that’s not including snacks). Well, Cinepolis is looking to marry your kids’ insane energy levels inside of their movie theaters.

The Mexico-based company will launch a hybrid jungle gym, movie theater in time for Beauty And The Beast (opening on March 17). Cinepolis, the fourth largest cinema chain in the world, is spending $500,000 to modify an auditorium into what they hope will be the next big thing for family entertainment. Because your kid already takes off their shoes at the movies, why not let them go down a slide while they’re at it.

The theater chain plans to test their “Cinepolis Junior” concept in the Southern California area. The theaters will have bean bag style seating, slides, a jungle gym, and a play area in the front row by the screen because no one ever wants to sit there. For just $3 more than your average ticket price, the theater chain hopes the new concept will lure families back to the movies.

They’ve launched the Junior hybrid theaters in Mexico and in a few Latin American countries such as Costa Rica and Guatemala to much success. The new kid-friendly operation is the first step in expanding their reach in America as they plan to open 20 new theaters in the near-future. It may sound bizarre to have children playing and laughing while you’re watching Despicable Me 3, but it at least sounds less annoying than some jerk sending a text in a pitch black theater.

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