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‘Christmas Vacation’ Lighting Display Looked So Real It Caused Neighbors to Panic

This Clark Griswold sure was lucky.

In National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, no one wants to help Clark Griswold (Chevy Chase) as he dangles from the roof after trying to put up lights. Instead, he plummets into some bushes below. But in real life, when a good Samaritan thought he saw a man struggling to hold onto the gutter of real house, he sprang into action. He shouted at passing cars for help, called 911 and tried to get the ladder within the man’s reach.

But it wasn’t a man, it was a dummy that the Heerlein family in Austin, Texas had christened Clark Griswold Jr. The Heerlein family was just hoping to win the annual neighborhood contest by recreating the famous Christmas Vacation scene. The dummy is pretty much wearing exactly what Griswold wore and even has a Griswold mask over its face.

The man who was so desperately trying to save him is U.S. military veteran, Alfred Norwood, Jr. His entire rescue was captured by the Heerlein family’s Nest camera.

“Oh mister, please hold on!” Norwood can be heard shouting.

The police showed up to the Austin home because they had received several calls about it. Norwood was the only man who actually came up to the man, though.

After the family saw Norwood’s attempted good deed, they reached out to him. They gave him a gift card and said he was welcome for hot chocolate at their house any time. They told ABC that he was the only person who stopped and cared enough to help.

The family did add a small addition to their Christmas Vacation display. Now there’s a sign that reads “Clark G is part of our Christmas display please do not call 911.”