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Chrissy Teigen Puts John Legend on Blast for Hoarding the Phone Chargers

Tiegen came up with a creative solution to curb Legend's thieving ways.

Getty Images

She’s already made fun of her husband’s singing and dancing, but now Chrissy Teigen is airing her grievances over John Legend‘s habit of taking all of her phone chargers. In a hilarious Twitter rant (yes, there is such a thing), Teigen takes Legend to the matt for “borrowing” all of the chargers she buys and leaving them at work where he apparently hordes them. According to Teigen, this creates a vicious cycle in which she has to buy more chargers to replace the ones her husband takes, only for Legend to then take the new chargers, forcing the couple into a tech hell that can only be described as Teigans personal episode of Black Mirror.

Teigen sarcastically noted that she loves the fact that her husband swipes all of the chargers at home without returning them, stating that the only reason she buys phone chargers in the first place is in the hopes that Legend will take them. Eventually, Teigen came up with a creative solution to try and curb her husband’s thievery: buy chargers that have giant unicorns on them. Legend has not yet responded to his wife’s brutal Twitter takedown, presumably because he was too busy stealing more of his wife’s chargers.

From time to time, every married couple fights about dumb shit. Being so close to someone and spending so much time and emotional energy with them naturally fosters tension, which can often manifest itself in unexpected ways. Of course, this petty squabbling doesn’t mean a couple’s marriage is doomed. In fact, it’s often indicative of the deep underlying affection the two have for each other. And that certainly appears to be the case for Teigen and Legend, as her teasing is clearly rooted in love for her husband, even if he does steal all of her damn phone chargers like some Legend-ary thief.