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Chloe Kim’s Dad Cheers on Her Gold Medal Win With an Adorable Sign

Years of hard work and sacrifice paid off for the 17-year-old snowboarder and her ultra-supportive dad.

Getty Images

Yesterday, 17-year-old snowboarder Chloe Kim surpassed all expectations in her Olympic debut as she delivered a nearly perfect performance to win the gold medal in the women’s halfpipe. And cheering her on every 1080 of the way was her biggest fan and dad, Kim Jong-jin. He was waiting anxiously at the bottom of the mountain holding a simple handmade sign that read “Go Chloe!” with a heart next to it. After Chloe dominated the event and secured first place, Jong-jin declared that he had achieved his “American Dream” by watching his daughter live out her dream at such a young age.

Chloe’s bond with her father became a national story even before the games in PyeongChang had begun, as the two were featured in a popular Olympic ad during the Super Bowl. In the commercial, Chloe explains that her dad, an immigrant from South Korea, quit his lucrative engineering job when she was little so that he could support her dream.

This meant studying videos of her snowboard runs, dropping her off at practice, and even, when Chloe was in middle school, driving her six hours to Mammoth Mountain every weekend so she could train. Fortunately, all of dad’s sacrifice paid off his daughter, as Chloe dominated her event and earned a spot at the top of the podium. After she won her medal, Chloe thanked her dad for everything he’s done for her.

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“My dad has definitely sacrificed a lot for me and I don’t know if I could do it, if I was in his shoes,” the 17-year-old told Reuters. “Leaving your life behind and chasing this dream because your kid is passionate about this sport. I think today, I did it for my family and I am so grateful to them.”