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Celebrity Dads Celebrate the 4th of July on Instagram

With all due respect to Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, nobody throws a bash quite like America. Pool parties, axe-throwing matches, and epic backyard barbecues took place far and wide across these fruited plains yesterday, all in the name of celebrating independence — and the official start of summer. Hundreds of thousands of burgers were charred. The splashiest cannonballs were judged. Joey Chestnut consumed 72 hot dogs for a total of 20,000 calories. And, of course, celebrities of all stripes took to Instagram to show off their version patriotic parenting. Here are 10 celebrity dads who spent this 4th of July proudly taking fun and patriotism to the next level.

Neil Patrick Harris

In honor of the Fourth of July, Gideon performs his Belly Flop of Independence.

A post shared by Neil Patrick Harris (@nph) on

This legendary dad caught his son’s hilarious belly flop on film.

LeBron James

King James can’t hold back his laughter as he recalls a 4th of July mix up between his son and his mother.

Tom Brady

The 5-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback took to his safety bubble, the protective structure he was sent to avoid the Madden curse.


Ludacris, master of rapping ‘Llama Llama‘, watches proudly as his daughter learns to master the backstroke.

Steph Curry

The $200 million man enjoyed some quality time with his wife. We’re sure Riley was not far away.

Kevin Rahm

Happy 4th

A post shared by Kevin Rahm (@kevinprahm) on

The “Lethal Weapon” actor and his daughter Hunter are strong contenders for best-dressed.

Dax Shepard

#happy4thofjuly #jammies

A post shared by kristen bell (@kristenanniebell) on

Dax and Kristen Bell continue to be the Internet’s favorite celebrity couple.

Danny Masterson

Happy 241st bday America. We love you, the Masterson clan.

A post shared by dannymasterson (@dannymasterson) on

Finally, the That 70’s Show star spent the day in Chicago with his patriotic-themed family.