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The Cat In The Hat Gets “It” In Childhood Horror Mashup Trailer

Last week, the internet got its first glimpse of Pennywise in the first full-length trailer for Stephen King’s It. And while the child-eating, sewer-dwelling clown was certainly creepy, it’s no match for the terror conjured up in a trailer made by YouTuber But Without. This cruel and unusual bastard created a video mashup no one wanted by replacing Pennywise with Mike Myers’ ghastly run as the Cat in the Hat.

The Mike Myers Cat In The Hat is a solid choice for this trailer. The movie, released in 2003, followed the ill-conceived notion that people wanted live action adaptions of Dr. Seuss classics. First Jim Carrey played the furry from your nightmares in How the Grinch Stole Christmas! in 2000, and Mike Myers followed with Hat and his portrayal of the fun-loving feline was pure nightmare fuel. The film was panned and luckily, no more live action Seuss projects have been released.

This mashup trailer works not only because Myers’ portrayal was so creepy but also because The Cat and Pennywise share some eerie similarities. The Cat only hangs out with children; Pennywise appears as a clown because kids are easier targets. Pennywise shows up unexpectedly every 30 years or so; and, while we don’t know The Cat’s schedule, he does randomly pop up in Nick and Sally’s house. Coincidence? Umm definitely. But it doesn’t ake it any less creepy. Watch the horror below.