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New ‘Cars 3’ Trailer Is The First Look At Lightning McQueen’s Return

Time to let your kids know that Lightning McQueen is alive — or as alive as a racecar with eyes can be. After Disney released the first teaser for the highly anticipated Cars 3, parents were kind of mortified. No music. No Mater. Just McQueen barreling out of control and slamming against the wall in a spectacular crash. It looked more like Faces Of Death than a kid’s flick. Fortunately, it all turned out to be a fender bender.


The extended trailer came out this week, and it finds Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson) a veteran racer like “The King,” Strip Weathers, in the original Cars film. But this time, McQueen is at a crossroads with his career. After that crash, everyone’s favorite Rust-eze sponsor takes a sabbatical and considers hanging up his racing stripes for good. Meanwhile, new rookie sensation, the sleek Jackson Storm (Armie Hammer) is touted as the future of racing. So it’s the Rocky III of the franchise.


Yes, your little gearhead will be running around screaming the new catchphrase, “Lightning Strikes!” But will they understand the plot subtext about hubris and how pride goeth before the fall?  They’re more likely to be pissed that Mater’s nowhere to be found. Listen, this only the first preview, and from the looks of IMDB, Larry the Cable Guy picked up his check. For now, all you need to know is to save the weekend of June 16 when Cars 3 comes out.