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Burning Man Is Crawling With Kids And They Appear To Be Having A Good Time

Regardless of whether you think the annual Burning Man festival — currently underway in Nevada’s Black Rock City — is an epic experiment in utopian awesomeness or just a place where the uber rich pretend to be radical libertarians in great costumes, there’s one thing on which everyone can agree: It sort of looks like the world’s most awesome playground. So it’s fitting that, as Burning Man approaches 30 years old next year and it becomes an annual destination for more people, kids are an increasingly common sight.

Photographer Zipporah Lomax, who appears to have attended more than a few Burning Mans, made these kids the subject of a new book, which recently funded on Kickstarter. By focusing on the wee ones, her imagery gets beyond the cliches commonly associated with the event. Because what might look suspiciously like dusty slumming by Elon Musk can actually be a pretty inspiring learning experience for kids.

If you’re thinking of bringing Junior one day (kids under 12 get in free!) and your significant other balks at the idea, pick up a copy of Lomax’s book to help your case. It’s tough to argue with pictures of kids having this much fun.

This isn’t exactly how the Dutch drew it up, but the giant clouds wafting through Amsterdam aren’t impending dust storms like they are in Black Rock City; the more coverage the better.

They’ve got the style nailed, but mom’s kid-carrying technique could use a big-time upgrade.

When you realize the homemade pants mom and dad made you are actually assless chaps.


Lizard Queen In Training.

Every Burner is expected to contribute something to Black Rock City. This kid is contributing the best ensemble.

Little toasty for that hat in the Nevada desert but cuteness cowers before no heat index.

Little girls in tutus are always adorable. Moms in tutus … always fit in at Burning Man.