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So, A Bunch of Life-Sized Minions Went River Rafting Yesterday

Everybody needs to escape the summer heat — especially if you've been slaving away for a supervillain all day

Everybody needs to escape the summer heat—especially if you’ve been slaving away for a supervillain all day. That’s the only explanation for this scene yesterday, where a bunch of life-sized Minions decided to spend a day on a river in China’s Hunan province. Originally captured by China Daily, the Minions can be seen riding down the river in rafts, occasionally stopping to splash each other. All in all, they’re having a damn fun time.

minions drifting in river

Hunan is a southern, sub-tropical province known primarily for its large expanses of rivers and lakes (the name literally means “south of the lake”) and hot, humid weather. The average temperature for July ranges between 81 to 86 °F, so when temperatures rose to 104 °F yesterday, the people — much less the tiny, yellow, bean-shaped people — were less than thrilled. The situation was dire. Drastic measures needed to be taken. And in this case, that meant dressing up like a Minions and riding down a river with some like-minded pals.

To their credit, the Minions couldn’t have picked a better spot to cool off: bananas are extremely plentiful and popular in Hunan. It’s is also the birthplace of Mao Zedong, so maybe Minions are just drawn to places with concentrations of authoritarians and elongated yellow fruit. Either way, they sure know how to have a good time wherever they are.