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Bryan Cranston Will Adapt the Ultimate Activity Book Into a TV Show

The Dangerous Book For Boys

America’s favorite chemistry teacher-turned-meth dealer, Bryan Cranston is working on an all-new, kid-friendly series that won’t feature any decapitations. Cranston is teaming with Superbad director Greg Mottola, and Amazon to create a show based loosely on a popular activity book, The Dangerous Book for Boys by Conn and Hal Iggulden. The show will give the book, which teaches readers essential skills (fishing, how to find north), a backstory: a dying father leaves a copy for his sons, pushing them down the path toward adventure. Cranston has been advocating for the project for some time and it makes sense that Amazon, which is strong on kids content, opted to pick it up.

Cranston is expected to be credited as creator, or at the very least, as producer on the upcoming Dangerous series. And this is not new territory for the versatile actor. He’s been working on his producing chops, serving as a behind the scenes player on Breaking Bad and the new Amazon series Sneaky Pete. Cranston has even directed a few episodes of both shows and took a turn directing Modern Family and The Office. Still, he’ll be sharing responsibilities with Greg Mottola, director of the cult comedies Superbad, Paul, Adventureland, and the TV series Undeclared. Mottola is expected to direct the entire series, which means that there will be jokes (and that some of them will likely be dirty).

the dangerous book for boys

When it was released in 2006, The Dangerous Book for Boys rapidly became a best-seller. Naturally, the same publishing house, William Morrow, released The Daring Book for Girls in 2007. No word yet on whether that book will have a spot in Amazon’s new fictional universe.