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YouTube Star Builds Bowling Ball Slingshot That’s Probably A Bad Idea

YouTube / JoergSprave

Bowling is one of the few sports your kid doesn’t have to be good at to have fun doing, and as long as no one drops the ball, no one gets hurt. That is, unless you invite YouTuber Joerg Sprave. Then you’re going to have a long talk with everyone about how a slingshot is not a toy, especially when you add a bowling ball as ammo.

You might recognize Sprave from when he turned your kid’s Nerf guns into deadly weapons … more than once. The founder of the Sling Shot Channel celebrated reaching a million YouTube subscribers by building one of the more destructive, giant elastic-powered weapon ever conceived. The above video of him destroying a cinderblock, water melon, and pumpkin with a bowling ball makes Dennis The Menace seem downright quaint for shooting pills into an elderly neighbor’s mouth.

According his website, Sprave is not a dad, which may explain his cavalier approach to safety. Still, he is a married father of 4 cats, so he’s not a monster. He’s just a German dude who loves turning kids’ toys into tools of destruction, but at least he teaches your kid some basic physics in the process. As long he keeps it on the internet and off of your lawn, call it even.

[H/T] Gizmodo