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This Turkish R&D Company Turns BMW 3-Series Into Actual Transformers


You may have been lead to believe that there are at least 3 kinds of guys in the world — men who drive Mercedes, men who drive BMWs, and men who aren’t compensating for something with their cars. Of course this is untrue, unfair generalization that overlooks at least one subcategory: Men who drive BMWs that are also badass Transformers. (Your move Mercedes.)

The autobot know as Letrons — presumably French for “the trons” — is made by the Turkish R&D company Letvision. These BMW 3-series humanoids take 8 months to make, which is actually pretty fast when you consider all the features. Letrons has remote control software, kinetic body parts, and the ability to speak, which is one way to deal with traffic.

It’s transformation may be slightly slower that your kids attention span will allow, which is fine because this toy is for grown ups anyway. While Letrons has not hit the mass market (yet), the company’s website says that you can buy one if they think you’re Transformer material. They don’t give a listing price, but you could guess that it doesn’t come at an (Optimus) prime rate. You’re probably better off keeping it low budget and naming your minivan Megatron.

[H/T] Mental Floss