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The Best 2017 Super Bowl Commercials Are All About Dads

Now that you can watch every single Super Bowl commercial online now (thanks, the Internet!), you should take advantage of the sneak peaks and save your strength for Lady Gaga. And football. As it turns out, a lot of 2017’s ad budget-busting commercials focus on you — the father. From King’s Hawaiian showing 2 dads that are big on stashing bread, Buick musing on what would happen if Cam Newton was your kid’s Pee Wee football team QB, and Turbo Tax exposing the flawed logic in Humpty Dumpty, more and more brands are getting hip to the parenting lingo. Here are the best dad-centric Game Day ads, now 100 percent puppy-monkey-baby-free.

Audi “Daughter”

This young girl owns a soapbox derby race full of boys while dad contemplates how exactly he’ll tell his daughter about the gender pay gap in the U.S. It’s possible the most thoughtful anyone’s ever been at a race track.

Buick Starring Cam Newton

During a Pee Wee football game, 2 dads see a Buick, that looks just too good to be a Buick. Dad says, “If that’s a Buick, then my kid is Cam Newton.” That’s Cam Newton. Draw your own conclusions.


King Hawaiian “False Cabinet”

The secret’s out: Every dad has a food hiding spot (like beer in the toilet tank), but this ad shows what happens when a) You’re not very handy and b) your kids believe in magical furniture.


Sprint “No Need For Extreme Measures”

A dad fakes his death so he can get out of his Verizon contract. (C’mon, don’t act like you haven’t thought about it.) It almost went to plan, but he brought his kids to the scene of the crime. You know what they say: The family that commits a felony together — stays together?


Turbo Tax “Humpty Fall”

There are no dads here, but kids will get a kick out of seeing what a real life Humpty Dumpty would look like if he fell off a wall. Of course he fell off doing his taxes, so who’s to say it wasn’t intentional?