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The Best New Kids Shows On Nickelodeon In February

Nick has decades of experience covering kids in green slime, but in between those well-timed moments, they’re also pumping new original content out of their (assumingly) orange factory. Since your kid covers your home in whatever version of slime they get their mitts on, you might as well occupy their time with these new shows and seasons while you clean up the mess.

New Series

Nella The Princess Knight

This preschooler show is like Xena Warrior Princess meets Sofia the First but without the chakram and the battle cry. Nella, an 8-year-old princess, can transform into a sword-wielding knight to protect her kingdom. She doesn’t use the sword, it’s for the look. But it’s sort of like a power converter as it was for your favorite prince/knight, He-Man. Nella shelves the brawn for courage and compassion to overcome fear. Nick Jr. has released one episode for free on their website, and if your little princess knight likes what she sees, then get ready for 40 half-hour episodes.

Common Sense’s Take: Common Sense Media is the leading nonprofit source helping parents make movie and TV choices for their children. Their review says, “Nella is an excellent role model for young girls in particular, though the show has broad appeal for youngsters in general and balances the gender scale with an equally admirable boy character in Sir Garrett.” So he’s like the She-Ra to Nella’s He-Man, but hopefully, they’re not related.

Nella the Princess Knight debuts February 6 at 10 AM (ET/PT) on Nick 

Digby Dragon

Inside the magical land of Applecross Wood, Digby Dragon and his friends (a troll, fairy, and some woodland creatures) embark on adventures throughout the forest. Don’t expect DD to be the fire-breathing type of dragon. It’s just a hunch since he’s wearing BMX protective gear while flying. You can watch a free episode now on Nick Jr.’s website and you can rant to your little one about how back in your day dragons didn’t need helmets. They just wanted gold and ate villagers.

Common Sense’s Take: CSM says the show’s adventures, “Reflect preschoolers’ scope of the world, featuring stories about helping a friend with a difficult task, inventing creative ways to spend time, and trying to correct a mistake.” No word if Digby’s mother is a fireproof blonde teenager.

Digby Dragon airs on Nick Jr.


It’s like Cars, but everyone is a truck instead. Flat Bed Jack and his friends (all with “truck” in their names, of course) show preschoolers how to find solutions to their problems through fun. Plus, it’s trucks, and if we’ve learned anything this year, it’s that kids freaking love trucks.

Common Sense’s Take: CSM doesn’t have a full take on the new series, but the cartoon is based on a children’s book by John Scieszkas. And they thought the book was comparable to a little franchise named Thomas The Tank Engine. They said the book is “filled with a variety of trucks, each with its own name, attitude, and job to do.” Let’s hope Flat Bed Jack is a not a huge jerk like Thomas.

Trucktown is currently on the Noggin App

Bunsen Is A Beast

Resembling My Pet Monster, and sounding more like the plot to the next Seth Rogen film, Bunsen follows the story of the first ever beast to attend a human grade school. Although he’s a beast, Bunsen still goes through human middle school situations like peer pressure, stress and awkward silence after shooting confetti from his head. It’s like the beast version of dropping an air-biscuit.

Bunsen Is A Beast debuts February 21, at 5:30 PM (ET/PT) on Nick.

New Seasons

paw patrol children's tv show

Max & Ruby (Season 6)
Weekdays at 11 AM (ET/PT) on Nick Jr.

PAW Patrol (Season 4)
Weekdays at 1 PM (ET/PT) on Nick Jr.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Season 4)
Sundays at 9 AM (ET/PT) on Nickelodeon