All the New Kids Shows on Netflix in February 2018

Every family-friendly series premiering on the streaming service this month, including a new season of 'DreamWorks Dragons.'

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It’s February. Days are long, nights are longer, and, in much of the country, cold has reached booger-freezing levels. As a result, your kids will be spending much more time inside. Luckily, Netflix has you covered with a new crop of children’s shows. From a new and final season of DreamWorks Dragons and a reboot of Luna Petunia, these four new shows should entertain kids for long enough to give you a half hour to do all the other things you need to do. Happy viewing.

Luna Petunia: Return to Amazia – Season 1

In this follow-up to the Canadian-American series Luna Petunia, the titular heroine returns for a full season of adventures in a dreamland where she can make the impossible possible.

Available: February 2
For Ages: 3-7

Greenhouse Academy – Season 2

In this tween drama series, a brother and a sister enroll at a elite private boarding school following the deaths of their parents. As a secret investigation unfolds, the siblings must come together to stop a deadly plot and save the world.

Available: February 14
For Ages: 8-10

DreamWorks Dragons: Race to the Edge – Season 6

The sixth season of DreamWorks Dragon will be its final one, so hopefully Netflix has saved the best for last in this TV spinoff of How to Train Your Dragon. Season Six will feature 13 episodes and, yes, tons of dragons.

Available: February 16
For Ages: 5-10

Atomic Puppet Season 1

Atomic Puppet first premiered way back in 2016 on Disney XD, but now your kids get to stream it in all of its frantic weirdness. Atomic Puppet tells the story of Joey Felt, a 6th grader who teams up with a former superhero who’s been transformed into a sock puppet so the duo can become Mega City’s newest crime-fighting team.

Available: February 22
For Ages: 5-10

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