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All the New Kids Shows on Netflix in June 2018

Every family-friendly series premiering on the streaming service this month, including a new season of 'Voltron: Legendary Defender.'

Every month brings new parenting challenges. Luckily, it also brings a fresh crop of Netflix children’s TV shows that you can use to entertain your kids while you handle said challenges. For June, Netflix’s youth offerings include updated seasons of Voltron: Legendary Defender and a crop of new original shows. There’s also the first season of the animated Hotel Transylvania TV series, a must-watch for kids who like to be spooked. Here’s a full look at this month’s offerings. Happy viewing.

The Hollow (Season 1)

In this animated mystery series, three teens wander into a fantastic realm filled with strange beasts and must join forces to find their way home.

For Ages: 8-12
Available: June 8

Treehouse Detectives (Season 1)

A curious brother-and-sister detective team solve mysteries in their neighborhood in this CG animated series from South Korea.

For Ages: 0-4
Available: June 8

True: Magical Friends (Season 1)

In the first of two new True Netflix original series, best friends Bartleby and True team up to save the Rainbow Kingdom.

For Ages: 0-7
Available: June 15

True: Wonderful Wishes (Season 1)

In the second of two new True Netflix original series, Bartleby and True go on an adventure that leads them from the bottom of the Living Sea to the tip of Mount Tippy Tippy Top.

For Ages: 0-7
Available: June 15

Voltron: Legendary Defender (Season 6)

Five unlikely heroes use flying robot lions to stop an encroaching evil from taking over the universe.

For Ages: 5-12
Available: June 15

Hotel Transylvania (Season 1)

Based on the popular animated film, precocious vampire Mavis and her monster friends embark on fun adventures at the Hotel Transylvania.

For Ages: 5-10
Available: June 25

Harvey Street Kids (Season 1)

Produced by DreamWorks and based on characters from Harvey Comics, kids rule the streets in a magical city called Harvey Town.

For Ages: 5-10
Available: June 29