All the New Kids Movies on Netflix in February 2018

Every family-friendly movie premiering on the streaming service this month.

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Another month, another new slate of kid’s movies on Netflix. To celebrate the cold, dreary second month and keep the new year going strong, the streaming service has added such classics as Anne Hathaway’s Ella Enchanted and the critically-panned Emoji Movie, which is terrible.. But we’re not here to tell you if these movies are terrible or not — just that they’re available in those moments when you need your kids to watch something, anything that will grant you a half hour to tackle a few things on your to-do list. So, whether you’re looking to set up your next family movie night or just distract the kids for a spell, here are three new movies to add to your favorites list.

Ella Enchanted

Anne Hathaway stars in this charming fantasy adventure about a young woman who must do whatever she’s told thanks to a careless fairy’s spell. When Ella’s curse gets her embroiled in a plot to take the throne, she enlists the help of elves, ogres, giants, and fairies to break the spell.

Available: February 1
Rated: PG
For Ages: 8+

The Emoji Movie

The Emoji Movie wasn’t exactly critically-adored, or even critically tolerated, for what it’s worth. One Village Voice reviewer even summed up the film as “boldly bad, yes, but also boldly boring.” It’s a hodgepodge of colors and consumerism, barely redeemed by a strong voice cast including Silicon Valley’s T.J. Miller, Maya Rudolph, and Patrick Stewart … as the poop emoji. Despite some positive messages about teamwork and friendship, The Emoji Movie is largely just “meh.”

Available: February 8
Rated: PG
For Ages: 6+

Evan Almighty

In this sequel to the man-meets-God comedy Bruce Almighty,  Steve Carell takes over from Jim Carrey as a newly-elected congressman who’s invited to co-sponsor a shady land development bill. Suddenly, Evan’s life is turned upside down when God enlists him to be a modern-day Noah and build in preparation for a mysterious, upcoming flood.

Available: February 16
Rated: PG
For Ages: 8+

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