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20 Shows and Movies on Netflix You Can’t Miss This Month

New shows, essential films and some returning favorites.

Credit: Netflix

Netflix always makes sure to release a slew of options at the beginning of each month, but March is shaping up to be a great month. This makes sense. In most places around the country, March is a weird month. Don’t even mention the Ides. But, because in most places it’s still very, very cold in March, you need something to do after the kids go to bed.

Luckily, we’ve picked out the best new stuff on Netflix in March. Here’s 20 shows, and films you can’t miss, including the return of Arrested Development, a promising action flick called Triple Frontier. 

1. Apollo 13 (March 1)

Houston, Ron Howard’s 1995 space docudrama is on Netflix. Tom Hanks, Kevin Bacon, Bill Paxton, Ed Harris and Gary Sinise star in this film about the real-life aborted space mission. After there’s an explosion on the Apollo 13, the crew find themselves in dire straits. In this thrilling story, they have to work with NASA back on Earth to try to make it home alive.

2. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (March 1)

Netflix has added one of the most influential martial arts films on all time to its service this month. With jaw-dropping battles, epic romances and a sword called Green Destiny, this Academy Award-winning movie has it all. You might recognize Michelle Yeoh, who plays Yu Shu Lien. She had a knockout performance as the controlling and icy mother, Eleanor Young, in Crazy Rich Asians last year.

3. The Hurt Locker (March 1)

If you missed this 2008 movie, here’s your opportunity to watch it. This Iraq War drama follows an Explosive Ordnance Disposal team as they encounter combat. The Hurt Locker, which stars Jeremy Renner, Anthony Mackie and Brian Geraghty, was groundbreaking because it explored how soldiers dealt with the psychological trauma of combat.

4. The Notebook (March 1)

Sure, this might not be your first choice. It’s the obvious choice for date night though. Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams’ chemistry is undeniable. And be honest, you’d have to be pretty cold-hearted to make it through this movie without tearing up.

5. Winter’s Bone (March 1)

If you have watched Ozark, Sharp Objects, or Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing, Missouri, you’re aware of the “dark, dangerous Missouri” trend. Go back to the film that started it all. Jennifer Laurence, who got her first Oscar nom from this film, plays a girl trying to track down her drug-dealing father in Winter’s Bone.

6. Losers (March 1)

Netflix’s new series, which is a combination of live-action and animated, explores how eight professional athletes learned from some of their most crushing losses into sweet victories. This series is a great reminder that it’s not about winning; it’s about how we handle losing.

7. Northern Rescue (March 1)

In this family-friendly series from Netflix, a father moves his kids to his middle-of-nowhere hometown after the death of his wife. This search and rescue commander is played by one of the Baldwin Brothers—William.

8. Disney’s Christopher Robin (March 5)

Christopher Robin has done something all children swear they’re never going to do: Grow up. After he left A Hundred Acre Wood and started working in London, he lost his joy for life and became a cold-hearted capitalist. Pooh, Tigger, Piglet and friends visit their old friend to help set him on the right path. This Disney film is great for family night!

9. Triple Frontier (March 13)

This highly-anticipated Netflix original promises to be a thrilling heist film. It stars Ben Affleck, Oscar Isaac and Charlie Hunnam as former special forces agents who decide to steal from a drug lord. That sure sounds easy and painless.

10. Arrested Development (March 15)

Netflix released the first half of season 5 last year. Now, Arrested Development fans are finally getting the last eight episodes. The Bluth family troubles continue as Buster faces a murder trial and the rest of the Bluths are as terrible people as ever. That might be the least of their worries though. Apparently Tobias becomes a Golden Girl this season. Yikes.

11. Kung Fu Hustle (March 15)

This 2004 film is extremely different from the other martial arts film (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) on this list. This comedy-fantasy-drama follows Sing (Stephen Chow) and Bone (Feng Xiaogang) as they pretend to be members of the Axe Gang to scam the residents of Pig Sty Alley. Naturally, the actual gang doesn’t appreciate that and high-flying antics ensue.

12. Love, Death & Robots (March 15)

This anthology series from Mindhunter director David Fincher and Deadpool director Tim Miller promises that you’ll never be bored. There are eighteen episodes, which are in fact short films, that explore every genre from horror to sci-fi. The show’s “Alternate Histories” has already been buzzed about. In the short film, an animated Hitler dies in many gruesome ways.

13. Queer Eye (March 15)

The Fab Five are back again for their third season. Jonathan, Antoni, Karamo, Bobby and Tan have a new set of lives to change. Get ready to laugh and cry at Netflix’s most heartwarming show.

14. Turn Up Charlie (March 15)

We’ve seen Idris Elba play about every badass dude ever. He’s very different as Charlie, though. Charlie is a bachelor and struggling DJ. His best friend gives him one last opportunity: Babysit his daughter. Charlie isn’t ready for this challenge, but early reviews say that Elba is. The actor has gotten praise for playing against type.

15. Amy Schumer: Growing (March 19)

It’s Amy Schumer like you’ve never seen her before: Pregnant. This expecting mom and newly married woman has plenty of new material to cover. But don’t worry, she’s still as uncensored as ever in her new Netflix special.

16. The Dirt (March 22)

Fans of the glam metal band Mötley Crüe have something to celebrate this month. Netflix is releasing The Dirt, which follows the rise of the band in the ’80s and their “notorious” antics. It stars Machine Gun Kelly, Game of Thrones actor Iwan Rheon, Leven Rambin and Douglas Booth.

17. Tucker and Dale vs. Evil (March 29)

The hilarious comedy has come to Netflix. When Tucker and Dale go on vacation up in the mountains, they are mistaken for murderers by a group of preppy, silly college kids. Tucker and Dale’s vacation only gets worse from there.

18. The Highwaymen (March 29)

Retired cops. Bonnie. Clyde. Woody Harrelson. Kevin Costner. Do you need to know more? In this original Netflix film, Harrelson and Costner play former cops who decide to chase down the infamous outlaw couple.

19. Santa Clarita Diet (March 29)

Drew Barrymore’s quirky zombie comedy is back for a third season. You better set aside your weekend so you can inhale all these new episodes.

20. Trailer Park Boys: The Animated Series (March 31)

The live-action Trailer Park Boys ended on a cliffhanger. The boys were turned into cartoons. Netflix hasn’t revealed much about this new animated series, but we do know that it’s coming out very soon.