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The Five Best Kid’s Movies Leaving Netflix in June

June is rapidly coming to a close and you're gonna want to check out these five flicks before July rolls around.

Rugrats Go Wild

June is quickly coming to an end and as the month disappears, so do the NBA playoffs, that dreaded gloom, and a long list of movies from the Netflix catalog. Unfortunately, figuring out which movies are staying and which are leaving can be nearly impossible, so oftentimes viewers don’t realize their favorite family flick is gone until it’s already too late.

Fortunately, Fatherly is here to help. Here are five great movies leaving Netflix this month that you should watch with your kid before July rolls around. At the very least, choosing one of these movies might mean not having to watch Moana for the hundredth time.

Alpha and Omega (Leaving 6/26)

This underrated odd couple film features two wolves, the fun-loving Humphrey (Justin Long) and the disciplined and duty-bound Kate (Hayden Panettiere), who are forced to work together to travel safely across the wilderness in order to get back to their tribe despite being polar opposites. Alpha and Omega may not have the emotional sophistication of a Pixar film but it is an entertaining movie that kids will enjoy. Just make sure to watch it immediately, as Alpha and Omega is leaving Netflix on the 26.

Rugrats Go Wild (Leaving July 1)

What’s the only thing children love more than a great kid’s movie? A great cross-over kid’s movie, of course! When Tommy, Angelica, and the rest of the Rugrats gang end up stranded on a deserted island, all hope seems lost until they run into Eliza, Nigel, and the rest of the Wild Thornberries. Getting to see all of these beloved characters interact is a treat for cartoon lovers of all ages, as the imagination, courage, and fun-loving nature of both groups makes for a seamless combination.

Piglet’s Big Movie (Leaving July 1)

Despite being one of the staple members of the Hundred Acre Woods crew, Piglet has never received the same attention as Pooh, Tigger, or, even Eyore. Eventually, the endless neglect proves to be too much for Piglet who wanders off after getting no thanks for helping his friends out of a jam. But when a big storm is heading to the Hundred Acre Woods, the gang must work together to find their friend. Along with all the usual fixings you’ve come to expect from a Winnie the Pooh film, Piglet’s Big Movie also teaches a nice lesson about the importance of appreciating the people around you, which might just teach your kid to thank you and your partner for the millions of things you do for them on a daily basis.

Little Women (Leaving July 1)

Because cartoons are great but they aren’t the only movies you want your kid to watch, right? Little Women does skew a little bit older and might be a bit slow for younger kids but if your child is old enough, they’ll love the story of the March sisters growing up and finding their places in the world. Bonus: this movie has an absolutely stacked cast, as Winona Ryder, Claire Danes, Kirsten Dunst, Susan Sarandon, and Christian Bale all deliver wonderful performances.

More Than a Game (Leaving July 1)

More Than a Game isn’t technically a kid’s movie but given the fact that LeBron James’ legend has only grown in the decade since this documentary’s release, why wouldn’t parents want to give their kids an early glimpse at one of the greatest basketball players of all time? Along with giving a compelling glimpse at James before he truly became the King, More Than a Game also features a positive message about believing in yourself and working hard. There is some mild language but as long as your kid is old enough to handle a couple of hell’s during interviews, it’s a pretty family-friendly movie otherwise.