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Behind-the-Scenes Art From ‘Incredibles 2’ Is Gorgeous and Moving

All the little details are what makes it special.

The second Incredibles movie, long awaited by fans and families, was one of the biggest hits in theaters this summer. In addition to the movie (available to purchase for streaming or on DVD now), Disney has released a book full of sketches, character art, and background details that were used in the planning and production of the film. The Art of Incredibles book gives fans of the Parr family (or behind-the-scenes geeks in general), an in-depth look at the artwork that went into making the movie. The book even includes sketches and illustrations for scenes that were eventually cut from the film, in a special “outtakes” section. We’ve excerpted five of the best spreads from the book here.

If there was any doubt Pixar films are works of art, this book and these images dispell that doubt right away. The following sketches and previsualization art are nothing short of…incredible.