Dogfish Head ‘Beer For Breakfast’ Includes Maple Syrup And Meat

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Whether you’re trying to up your weekend brunch game, or attempting to live every day like Homer Simpson, Dogfish Head brewery has been reading your dream journals and has quite the treat for you: Beer For Breakfast. Their latest 7.4 percent ABV stout is brewed with coffee, oats, chicory, maple syrup, and scrapple — the pork trimmings that would’ve otherwise been used to make hot dogs. Scrapple? More like include-le.

So why scrapple? Well, why not? “It’s the go-to breakfast meat in the scrapple belt, from New Jersey down to Virginia, so local pride,” said Dogfish Head’s founder Sam Calagione. Scrapple actually affects the beer brewing process, because fats from meat normally don’t dissolve and it destroys the beer’s head. But the brewery convinced RAPA Scrapple, a local company in Delaware, to bake a low-fat version. You hear that honey? It’s low-fat!


While recent research shows that most of the health benefits of drinking beer are mostly BS, your “field studies” likely suggest that moderation is the best policy. If you’re as big of a fan of pork as your are of stouts, Beer For Breakfast started shipping to distributors on November 7th — and you can drink it anytime you want because you’re a damn adult. But whatever you do, do not combine it with Girl Scout Cookie Cereal for breakfast. Oh, the shame your children will feel.

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