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Before ‘BBC Dad’: 5 Videos Of Kids Ruining Their Parents On Live TV

Your Facebook feed has been blowing up for days about Robert “BBC dad” Kelly and his adorable kids interrupting his live TV interview on the news network. The Kelly family just joined a long list of families who’ve suffered from adorably cute, and semi-embarrassing moments from kids being kids. Thanks to the internet, you can watch the 5 best kid-ruining-adult occasions. Because kids just don’t give a damn about your serious, on-camera moments.

Steph & Riley Curry’s Post Game Press Conferences

There are plenty of athlete’s kids commandeering post-game media conferences, but Riley Curry owns the category. She’s pretty much the Steph Curry of adorable sport star kids. She wanders around the large table, gives her chewed gum to strangers and yawns into the mic. She’s an MVP! She may have been Steph’s good luck charm too, as her debut behind the mic was the same year dad won his first (and only) NBA Championship. If you gotta break bedtime to win gold, why not?

Kid Interrupts Weather Report And Farts On Weather Man

When meteorologist Patrick Ellis said storm clouds were coming, he didn’t expect this. While Ellis did his normal gig of calling the weather on WLBT Mississippi in early March, he was abruptly cropped-dusted by Houston. The 8-year-old kid, who tagged along with his dad for another news segment, barged in on the forecast, squawked and flapped like a pterodactyl and predicted more “toots” were coming. He was then pulled off-screen by a proud father. Someone give this kid an internship.

Congressman Brings Grandson To Testimony

Former congressman Mel Watt (D-N.C) decided he should invite his grandson Nico to the testimony of U.S. attorney general, Eric Holder. Because figuring out if the attorney general did something unconstitutional, should be paired with the sounds of a toddler wanting to be held by grandpa. Turns out Watt’s babysitting duties happen to fall on the day of the testimony, so he had to bring little Nico. It’s amazing the toddler didn’t fall asleep immediately, like when you watch C-Span.

Rudy Giuliani And Son Are Sworn-In As New York City Mayor

There is no office job equivalent to a politician getting sworn into office. Safe to say, the moment is a big deal for bureaucrats, especially when the city you’re going to serve is watching. During Rudy Giuliani’s first term as Mayor of New York City in 1994, his then 7-year old son, Andrew, couldn’t care less and completely took over the procedure. He repeated dad’s swear-in, lip-read the teleprompter, and was all over the podium like a jungle gym. As the ultimate “you’ve made it” nod, the moment was parodied by Saturday Night Live. But Chris Farley managed to make it more adorable.

Congressman’s Son Dabs Next To Paul Ryan

House Speaker Paul Ryan spent a busy work day swearing in the 115th Congress at the start of 2017. Then came the hard stuff: photo ops with freshly christened congresspeople and their families. When Rep. Roger Marshall (R-KS) took his turn, his eldest son took a turn dabbing in the photo. Because you don’t have to be a toddler to embarrass dad in public, especially when you’re doing a move that’s already a year stale.