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The ‘BBC Dad’ Children’s Show Is Pointless

“BBC dad” was, by all accounts, perfect. When Robert Kelly’s two girls wandered into his Skype interview and caused a parade of chaos no comedy director could choreograph, it earned a well-deserved spot in the viral hall of fame. Peak BBC Dad, however, has long passed. But, because the internet can never let anything die, more desperate attempts to capitalize on the cultural moment keep coming. The latest is The Adventures of Mina & Jack, a cartoon centered around Robert E. Kelly and wife Kim Jeong-ah’s charming children.

Currently consisting of only one YouTube episode titled “Prologue: The Animated Series,” the animated show is the brainchild a Brooklyn couple Lauren Martin and Jarryd Mandy, and, likely, too much cold brew. It depicts a day in the life of the Kelly family as the kids create zany chaos. Although Kelly has since endorsed the first through Twitter and will consult for the cartoon going forward, they did not ask him ahead of time. The animation itself is solid — and expensive. The couple told the New York Times they spent most of their savings animating the second episode, which has yet to be released.

While the animated series received a positive response from Kelly and viewers, it also raises the question: Who is this for? It appears to be a children’s show, and yet the people who watched the family’s original clip more than 23,841,093 times weren’t kids. They were adults who found the incident amusing because they could picture it happening to them. In the end, the animated show isn’t the worst, but at only slightly more than 158,000 views so far, it proves yet again that people can’t put lighting back into this bottle.

Still, someone should create a cartoon about Riley Curry. That would be something for everyone.