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8 Backup Career Options For That Kid With The Perfect Baseball Swing

When the video of 4-year-old Easton Powell’s picture-perfect lefty home run swing and epic bat flip went viral, the internet was quick to proclaim him the next great slugger, and he certainly looks to be heading in that direction. He’s already got the pure stroke and the swagger, with many years ahead to fill out and grow an obnoxious haircut.

Plus, he only goes to school for 4 hours a day, leaving the rest of the afternoon to hit the batting cages. But if the baseball thing doesn’t pan out, he can still put his skills to good use. Here are a few options:


If you can swing a bat, you can swing an axe, right? Although that’s probably not what that scout meant when he said, “Kid reminds me of the Mick.”


Party Vibe Enforcer


Wildling Legend
Jon Snow could’ve used another big hitter at Hard Home. But yeah, about that whole “filling out” thing …


Fictional PGA Tour Antagonist
Different sport, but he’d still be swinging a stick and his “Click-Click, Boom” celebration is the natural evolution of “The Shooter.”


It’s not normal for a 4-year-old to have such masterful athletic skill, not to mention shotgun-flipping capability. It’s possible that Eston is not human, but a cybernetic organism — living tissue over a metal endoskeleton.


Property Brother
Works best if he’s got a twin who was hustling new playhouses to the other preschoolers while Eston was filming his home run video, but HGTV isn’t the only option. Plenty of networks seem to be in the market for “Sledgehammer Swingin’ Host.”


Unemployed Actor
Because he’s a swinger … get it? Dad Joke Bot strikes again!


The Natural
Who’s anyone kidding? The last swing that picture-perfect by a kid … was by The Kid.