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Celebrate ‘Back To The Future’ Day With This Baby McFly Driving A Modded DeLorean Stroller

Back To The Future Day — the real thing, not a Photoshopped viral hoax — is finally here. You’re undoubtedly lapping up the nostalgia today and marveling at the shocking accuracy with which Back To The Future Part II predicted how the world would look on October 21, 2015 back on November 22, 1989. While video calls, phone-enabled glasses, and 3D movies all materialized in the future, er, present, there’s something the film forgot to foresee: the DeLorean and McFly’s vest would become so iconic that dads as inventive as Doc Brown would dress their kids up like them for Halloween. Well, there’s that, plus they whiffed on hoverboards. Maybe Cooper here will grow up to invent one.

“It all started with a red puffy vest Cooper already had and a side comment from my husband .” Possibly the first and last side comment his wife ever enjoyed hearing.

Here’s Cooper presumably finding a Mr. Fusion on eBay so he can send his parents back to 1985 and get on with his Angry Birds.

Sorry, does the tag even say “JUL 85?” Damn, that’s impressive attention to detail. Still doesn’t quite top the one this guy built in his backyard mini golf course. (Bet they didn’t predict that.)

Sorry, might have to rethink that previous comment as the destination clock doesn’t show the actual Back To The Future Day! Not that Cooper cares; that big yellow horn needs some mashing.

That face tells you exactly how much Cooper cares about accuracy. Either he’s equally amazed by his regular stroller or he just realized the Cubs actually had a chance to win the World Series in 2015.