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This Girl’s Parents Officially Set The Bar With Their Homemade Baby Predator Costume

Proving once again that some girls just don’t want to be princesses, perhaps the baddest cosplayer ever wasn’t Real Life Peter Griffin or Real Life Heisenberg dressed as TV Heisenberg, but a teeny, tiny Predator. Somehow, 3-year-old Kayla managed to make a bloodthirsty extraterrestrial adorable and turned heads throughout the Wondercon 2014 floor with the lifelike tentacles hanging off of her.


Kayla actually requested the costume after “watching Predators dancing to Gangnamm Style on YouTube,” so take that, screen time cynics. The only thing this girl’s parents could have done to further cement their Hall Of Fame status — besides showing her said video, and granting her request by spending a month building the costume from craft foam and polymer clay — would have been to teach her to sneak up on people and growl, “What the hell are you?”


Baby Predator even managed to melt the hearts of true believers who’d otherwise have been quick to point out the continuity errors between the girl’s small stature and the obviously considerable size required of a beast that smashes concrete with its bare hands and wields a super-powerful plasma cannon.

[Pushes up glasses, awaits panel response.]