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4 Awesome Internet Things to Show Your Kid Today

Every day the internet gifts us a weird, wonderful mix of videos, GIFs, and memes, the best of which offer funny, informative, horizon-expanding stuff to share with your kids. Problem is, it takes a while to wade through all the other nonsense to find them. And who has time for that? Not you. Here, then, is a daily batch of cool new internet stuff to share with your kids — and keep you in the viral-loop. Today’s finds include action cam footage from a spacewalk, a real-life shire, and hamsters defying the laws of gravity.

Walk in Space

Everyone dreams of getting to walk in space, and thanks to this video, aspiring astronauts can see what it’s like to live among the stars. The footage was taken by ESA astronaut Thomas Pesquet during a spacewalk alongside NASA astronaut Shane Kimbrough on the International Space Station. The video is awesome, plus it offers the perfect opportunity for you to bust out your best space puns (“This video is out of this world!”).

The Shire is Real

Some Lord of the Rings obsessives book tickets to Hobbiton; others, like Reddit user SandyMoore99’s uncle, build their own Hobbit homes. The coolest part? The house was apparently built way before the movies. So this uncle is a true old school nerd who built his house out of imagination and early sketches.

What ‘Circle of Life’ Would Really Sound Like

The Lion King has one of the most iconic openings in film history: as Elton John’s “The Circle of Life” plays, we see all shades of animal life among the Pride Lands. It’s by all accounts perfect. In this video, Youtuber Uploadenator shows that it can work on many levels. A sound editor, he replaced Sir Elton’s lyrics with natural animal noises to reflect how the scene might sound in real life. It’s mesmerizing.

The Grandest of Gestures

What would a hamster do for love? According to this photo, defy the laws of gravity. We have no idea how this happened, or how someone was around to capture the moment, but we are just so glad it did. Because this hamster and his wing-critter put all wedding proposals to shame with their commitment to true love.