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5 Awesome Internet Things To Show Your Kid Tonight

Crowboarding, a great joke, and other awesome stuff the internet has provided.

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Every day the internet gifts us a weird, wonderful mix of videos, GIFs, and memes, the best of which provide some funny, informative, horizon-expanding stuff to share with your kids. Problem is, it takes a while to wade through all the other nonsense to find said stuff and who has time for that? Not you. That’s why we decided to offer up a daily batch of cool new stuff to share with your kids — and keep you in the viral-loop. Today’s hotness includes a crow’s attempt at extreme sports, a petrified dinosaur egg, and the answer to why sheep don’t shrink in the rain. Enjoy.

Crowboarding Becomes A Sport

Spring may be here, but this crow is not done shredding the gnar pow. This bodacious corvus brachyrhynchos cruises down this steep, snowy roof — which to him is basically a black diamond — as though it was a bunny hill. And is that a bottle cap he’s using? Skills.

A Dino-Mite Discovery

petrified dinosaur egg

A guy and his girlfriend were driving through Moab, Utah and stumbled across a petrified dinosaur egg, which they posted to Reddit. Is it really a petrified dinosaur egg or is it a very spoiled Avocado? Uncertain. But Moab is prime fossil hunting territory and the egg in question looks undeniably ovum-esque. So…hopefully!

Why Don’t Sheep Shrink in the Rain?

We’ve all had our favorite wool sweater tragically shrink after accidentally tossing it in the wash, so why doesn’t the same thing happen to a sheep when it gets caught in a storm? MinuteEarth has the answer, and it involves friction and tension After just two minutes, your kid will now have the perfect icebreaker to impress the other kids on the playground.

A Solid Joke

Did you know if you rearrange the letters in "THE POST OFFICE" from Jokes

Kids may only know what a post office is because of movies, (thanks,, but this joke is still solid. The beauty is in its simplicity, as it makes a slight misdirect to deliver a punchline that is guaranteed to get a reluctant chuckle. And isn’t that all anyone really wants?

A Surprisingly Awesome Dotted-Line Lesson

Ever try drawing dotted lines on a chalkboard? It’s surprisingly difficult. Luckily, Mike Boyd bravely takes on this Herculean task and explains the chalk-besting secrets. We may be living in a whiteboard-dominated world, but there’s still value in being the champion of chalk.

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